Combining Heap’s API and product docs in a comprehensive hub

Heap had outgrown their in-house docs solution and built out a unified user experience with ReadMe.

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These docs are bringing me a “heap” of joy!
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Matt Roe is the Head of Customer Success at Heap and he’s seen the company’s product and documentation through a lot as an early hire. After trying out several tools, they found ReadMe and moved all of the company’s documentation over.

Hard to Manage

Heap initially used a homegrown solution for documentation. This seemed easy at first, but as the company grew it just didn’t make sense to require a pull request for every spelling mistake. As they explored other options, the tools they found lacked the UI control that Heap needed to maintain its brand. In addition, they needed their product docs and API docs together. These tools didn’t have the informational hierarchy to handle this, and users quickly found themselves lost.

As a customer-centric organization, Matt knew this was not the kind of experience that inspired happy customers. He set out to look for something better.

I spent 15 minutes in the the tool and realized it would solve all of our problems. Matt

Matt found ReadMe and built out the structure in one night. When his team saw how easy to was to author documentation, it wasn’t hard to convince them to migrate. His team thinks in markdown and they appreciate a markdown editor that stays out of their way, with modules that are actually useful.

33% Reduction in Integration Tickets

Heap announced their new docs and quickly saw a sharp decline in integration tickets. Because the reference guides are so easy to find, people head there instead of waiting for a response from Heap’s support. This has saved the team a ton of time, and lets them iterate significantly faster.

High Quality for Everyone

Heap provides a consultative approach to analytics. This means they are high touch for all of their customers, even those on their free plan. Supporting a free plan can be difficult and time-consuming. But maintaining great support for users on their free plan is key to the Heap brand, not least because these users are the largest source of inbound leads that become paying customers.

With ReadMe, Heap is able to leverage great documentation rather than have their support team work overtime.

Using the Heap Integration on ReadMe, they’ve also been tracking the engagement and efficacy of their docs. So far, search engagement has doubled, and people are finding what they need. Heap’s customer success team, and their customers, are saving time and loving Heap even more.

Part of the Launch Process

ReadMe has helped the team codify their launch process. When Heap’s engineering team finishes a feature, they hand it off to the solutions team for internal testing. Heap’s solution engineers then test the feature to learn the nuances and best practices, while simultaneously writing the docs. The feature and docs are then launched at the same time. This ensures the feature is easy to use as soon as it’s available to customers.

Everyone at Heap will be using it. Matt

Thus far, the post-sales team at Heap has been in charge of creating the public facing documentation. They’ve been working in ReadMe for some time perfecting their documentation. Recently, they decided they like it so much, they’re going to move over all of their internal docs as well. We couldn’t be happier to help!