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Keep users in the loop on API updates

Prevent breaking changes before they happen with versioning support and changelog posts on the latest updates.

Get feedback right from the source

Devs can give your pages a thumbs up (or down!), add comments, and suggest edits to make your docs even clearer.

Discussions make it a two-way street

Add a support forum to your hub to let users ask questions and get answers from your team — and from each other.

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Chart showing API calls in the ReadMe dashboard

Share what’s new with a built-in Changelog.

Keep users posted on new API versions, deprecated endpoints, or new functionality that’s ready for them to try out. They can stay in the loop right from your developer hub, so you’ll never leave users in the dark again.

Native Changelog section

RSS feed to subscribe

Embed widget for your app

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Help users help you make your docs even better.

The best way to know if your docs are working? Hear it straight from your users in suggested edits, page votes, and comments. Behind the scenes, track popular pages, top search terms, and other insights to understand how your hub is being used.

Suggested edits

Page votes and comments

Documentation metrics

Thumbs up page vote
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Changelog post on a weekly update
Suggested edit to a page reading, “Added changes and fixes to documentation”
Graph of page quality scores since June 23

Jump in to lend a hand, right from your hub.

Native discussion forums allow you to meet users where they are to deliver top-notch support directly in your hub. If the issue needs more investigation, shareable API request logs help everyone get on the same page to troubleshoot faster.

Support discussion forums

Shareable API request logs

Intercom & Zendesk integration

Example of the response body of a request
ReadMe UI showing request URL for sharing
Post of a user asking, “How can I link an image on a custom page”
Owlivia message bubble that reads, “Try typing ‘/image’”
Owlivia the owl

Better developer support,
stronger developer community

Debug and resolve issues faster

Share learnings across users with your support forum, or dig into the weeds with actual logs for a specific issue.

Sunset old versions or endpoints safely

Avoid breaking changes with clear communication around API version availability and deprecated endpoints.

Drive adoption of new API features

Inspire users to take advantage of what’s new — you can even embed your ReadMe Changelog directly in your app.



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