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Track API adoption and use cases

Get insights like who’s using your APIs and your most-used endpoints to better understand your users and drive growth.

Troubleshoot errors quickly

Get on the same page with shareable API request logs, so you can dig into the code together and find a fix faster.

Focus on the right improvements

Understand where users are getting stuck or running into errors to invest in the highest impact API updates.

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Data-driven insights for your API

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API teams, meet your developers.

If you don’t have great visibility into who’s using your APIs and how — we’re here to change that. ReadMe allows you to dig into your most and least used endpoints, keep track of new users, and monitor error rates to better understand API usage.

New API user feed

Call volume tracking

Error monitoring

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List of new users

Get into the weeds to debug issues faster.

Go beyond high level insights and deep dive into API request logs for specific users. Support teams and developers can get on the same page and quickly debug issues together, since they’re looking at one shared source of truth.

Filter by user or API key

Shareable request logs

User access to request history

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Wondering what to build next? We can help with that.

Build your API roadmap with insights around endpoint usage, common use cases, and error rates. You’ll be confident your team is focused on the highest impact updates to improve your developer experience.

API usage and error tracking

User adoption trends

Chart filters for analysis

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Getting started with Metrics

Send your API logs to ReadMe

The first step? Send your real-time API logs to ReadMe. We’ve got SDKs in Node, Ruby, and other popular languages to give you a jump start.

Dig into the data to understand usage

Track KPIs like new API user adoption or error rates over time, or dive into a specific user’s request logs to help them troubleshoot issues quickly.

Pay as you go — and only if you want to

All pricing plans include 24 hours of your API’s history by default. If you’d like to view more, you can increase your API log limit to meet your needs.



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