Track how customers use your API and provide more personalized support.

Understand & Serve Your
Customers Better

By giving you more ways to track, listen, and respond personally to each user with total context.

Make Documentation
More Interactive

Show users content that is directly relevant to them, based on how they've been using your API.

Make API Changes Easily

Contact segments of users who are affected by certain changes you're making to your API

Make smarter decisions

APIs change, but you don't have to break things. Use metrics to understand how your API endpoints are being used, and make informed decisions.

  • Contact segments of users based on API usage to announce deprecations or updates
  • Understand how changes you make will affect your customers
Make smarter decisions
Understand customer usage and respond quickly

Understand customer usage and respond quickly

Get a granular look at how customers are using your documents and API, from the content they access and the endpoints they hit, to the errors they encounter.

  • See usage graphs, and filter by status codes and endpoints
  • Get a list of your top API users
  • Not all users are the same… monitor your most important customers

Doing the right thing when things go wrong

When your users get errors, don’t make them hunt for a fix. You can generate a link for each error message.

  • Docs for the error that occurred
  • View the request and response that had issues
  • A way to contact support to get more information
Doing the right thing when things go wrong