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DocumentationCreate and manage beautiful, interactive documentation the easy way. Drag-and-drop your way to beautiful docs and more, or go totally custom with your own CSS.
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API LogsThe best documentation is also the most interactive! API logs and usage data is integrated in your documentation.
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Developer MetricsTrack how customers use your API and provide more personalized support. Filter logs by status code, user, method and more!
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Try It!Make API requests and see the response from the API reference using your own API keys.
curl --request GET
  --header 'authorization: Basic <<apiKey>>'
  "title": "API Metrics in ReadMe"
  "type": "basic"
  "slug": "api-metrics-in-readme"
  "body": "[block:api-header] { "title": "Documentation + API Metrics = 💜" } [/block] So you've put in a lot..."
  "body_html": "<div class="magic-block-api-header"> <h1 class="header-scroll is-api-header"><span id="documentatio..."
  "isReference": false
  "hidden": false
  "link_external": false
  "pendingAlgoliaPublish": false
  "slugUpdatedAt": "2020-09-02T20:39:15.481Z"
  "_id": "5e41dd0bda10a10011f286f8"
  "version": "5e1a4f2f4adda30040c91939"
  "project": "5e1a4f2f4adda30040c91b27"
  "category": "5e1a4f2f4adda30040c919af"
  "updatedAt": "2020-09-03T17:39:34.632Z"
  "createdAt": "2020-02-10T19:42:45.730Z"
  "__v": 1
  "isApi": false
Try working API examples right from the reference.

Users will automatically see their own individual API key that they can use with your API.

Try It!
Get Developer Metrics.

Track how customers use your API and provide more personalized support.

Metrics iconMetrics
"error": "DOC_NOTFOUND",
"message": "The doc with the slug 'hello-world' couldn't be found",
"suggestion": "Make sure you have the slug correct! It should look something like 'getting-started'. Slugs can be changed, so it's possible someone moved it!",
"docs": "",
"help": "If you need help, email [email protected] and include the following link to your API log: ''.",
Doing the right thing when things go wrong.

When your users get errors, don’t make them hunt for a fix. You can generate a link for each error message.

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