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📖Sync Directory of Files via Code
1const fs = require('fs');
2const sdk = require('api')('[email protected]');
6const categories = await sdk
7  .getCategories({ perPage: "10", page: "1" })
8  .then((res) => res.json());
10const docs = fs.readDirSync("./docs");
12for (const doc of docs) {
13  const docContent = fs.readFileSync(doc);
15  sdk
16    .createDoc({
17      title: doc,
18      body: docContent,
19      category: categories[0]._id,
20    })
21    .then((res) => res.json())
22    .then((res) => {
23      console.log(res);
24    });

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Capture transactions after 1 hour.
Finalize transactions after a 1 hour grace period to allow for cancellations.
3 Steps
Capture transactions after 1 hour.
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1const sdk = require('api')('[email protected]');
4 name: 'Your Name',
5 email: '[email protected]',
6 job: 'API Engineer',
7 dontReallyApply: false
9 .then(res => res.json())
10 .then(res => {
11 console.log(res);
12 });
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