Be part of building something people love.

You want to do work that matters. On a product people care about. Preferably with friends.

At ReadMe, you’ll have the autonomy to own your work, the flexibility to be your most effective, and the freedom to learn from mistakes.

We’re a startup. There's a lot to be done. But if you want to work with meaning and balance, you’ll love it here.

Kirby sits, surrounded by admirers of her Codenames abilities.
Kirby Carpenito
Codenames fiend
Ladies of ReadMe
Circa Feb. 2020 (There are more of us now!)
Greg with Owlbert on a beach.
Gregory Koberger
Known to pretend to enjoy raisins
Kanad stands in front of a blurry tree.
Kanad Gupta
Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Leo Rising
(Turn on your camera)

Who We Are

A tight-knit team of engineers, marketers, customer success reps and all-around good folks building a tool that over 4,000 companies use daily.

Our office is in San Francisco; our clients are everywhere.

And because we’re a small team with tons of great customers, your impact here will be nothing short of huge.

ReadMe had a talent show last week on Zoom and it was one of the most fun things we’ve done since quarantine started! 💃

Designing a Candidate-Focused Interview Process
Mary Hoffbeck
Mary Hoffbeck
Our Nest in San Francisco
🔈 Sound on! Mary gives an office tour of our HQ.

the ReadMe valuuuuueees! 🎵🎶 that’s my favorite part!

Safe place to work. Our office building was relatively unharmed by the earthquake and fire of 1906.

Nataliya Petriv
Nataliya Petriv
The Columbus Nest
Nataliya walks us through our other, more eastern, HQ.

Columbus is the 12th largest city in America[citation needed]

…and the birthplace of Guy Fieri!

What We Do

Most documentation is hideous, chronically outdated, and hard to manage. Most companies have no clue how their APIs are used.

We’re fixing that by making documentation and API logging simple, beautiful, and easy for everyone.

So companies can build stronger developer communities and make better connections with their customers.

Types of API Documentation for a Successful API

How We’re Demoing Developer Tools Using Hoot, Hosted on Glitch! 🎏

Introducing ReadMe Free

Why We Care

Because better documentation means better relationships, better products, and better companies too.

When documentation is easy to create and maintain, developers can develop. Writers can write. Sales can sell more effectively. And customers can find what they need without having to call up support.

See how our customers use ReadMe!

How to Make your API More Enjoyable to Use

Adding Clarity and a Dash of Whimsy to API Error Messages

Owlsome Perks!

  • Owlbert eating a Mickey Mouse popsicleQuarterly Retreats
    Every few months, we spend a few days roadmapping in places like Santa Cruz or Tahoe. Come along!
    Owlbert eating a Mickey Mouse popsicleQuarterly Offsite
    Every few months, we spend a few days… on Zoom (but different)! We keep it interesting, though!
  • Owlbert as a doctorHealthcare for Owl
    Including medical, dental, and vision coverage; as well as paid maternity/paternity leave. We also give each employee a OneMedical subscription.
  • Owlbert working on a laptopWFH Wednesdays
    Every week, we all work from home to get caught up on work… and laundry! Our work week is flexible, so you can work in a way that’s best for you.
    Owlbert working on a laptopWFH Everyday
    A stipend for your home personal workspace to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Owlbert spinning a basketballPaid Gym Membership
    And time to actually use it. Because your job should never take priority over your health.
    Owlbert spinning a basketballWellness Benefit
    If you’re interested in finding a therapist, we want to help make that possible! We’ll help cover some of the cost of online therapy.
  • Owlbert lounging on a chairUnlimited Days Off
    You’ve got a life outside of work. We want to grow as much as every startup, but we don’t work through weekends to do it.
    Owlbert lounging on a chairUnlimited Days Off

    You’ve got a life outside of work. We want to grow as much as every startup, but we don’t work through weekends to do it.

    And don’t forget to take time off… it’s a pandemic!

  • OwlbertCompetitive Pay
    We offer competitive salary and significant equity.

We’re looking for…