We met with In Loco Media, a Brazilian company that does indoor location software, to talk about how they use ReadMe to bolster partnerships.


In Loco Media builds indoor location software

HQ: Brazil
Industry: Advertising
Type: B2B

In Loco Media is a Brazilian tech company that built the most accurate indoor location software in market. With more than 600 partners, they are using this technology to be the most profitable ad network for mobile apps in Latin America, paying more than both Facebook and Google. We spoke with Eduardo Pires, a Developer Advocate at In Loco, about how their docs increase partnerships and help partners integrate with their SDK.

In Loco Media originally hosted their docs on Github, but as they got more partners they felt like the platform wasn’t giving their publishers the right, fulfilling experience. Their first instinct was to build an in-house solution, but they quickly realized this would be extremely expensive to build and maintain. That’s when ReadMe came into their lives.

Getting where you need to go

One of the biggest problems with their old Github documentation was the lack of organization. New developers would often get confused because the navigation was not visible. When developers couldn’t understand how to find what they needed, there was a strong risk they’d go to a competitor. When In Loco Media found ReadMe, they noticed immediately that the design was more intuitive. Their customers noticed it too, and they’ve seen a sharp decrease in the number of support requests.

In Loco Media’s publishers (what they call their SDK consumers and app owners), have been really excited about the new documentation. When they launched the new docs, they sent out an email to their publisher base, and many replied saying how much they were enjoying the documentation.

Developers also love the ability to make calls in the API interface. They can configure get and post requests and make the calls on the fly. This sets In Loco Media apart from their competitors.


As a fast growing startup, one of In Loco Media’s biggest concerns in the ability to scale as they grow. They now have a team of more than 10 employees working on the documentation. This group spans from Developer Advocates, Mobile Android and iOS Developers, to Marketing and Design teams. All of them are able to utilize ReadMe to create beautiful, consistent documentation.

As things grow and change, they also appreciate that the docs are dead simple to update. They drag and drop to change a page, then just save and its live to their customers.

Constant Progress

ReadMe is ingrained into In Loco Media’s development process. When developers have a new feature for the SDK, they send a technical draft over to the Developer Advocate team, who make sure it is clear to new users. Every two weeks there’s something new in the product and, therefore, in the documentation. In Loco Media sees their docs as a living site, they didn’t just write it to sit around, but to be constantly progressing.

"ReadMe.io raised the standard of In Loco Media SDK documentation. We are very happy with ReadMe’s team support and tool. By changing to ReadMe.io we noticed a drop of integration problems and now our partners are very satisfied with our documentation. Integrating with In Loco Media, the most profitable ad network on Latin America, has never been so easy. Keep it going, guys!"

“Well-organized docs helped make every detour high quality.”
"ReadMe raised the standard of In Loco Media SDK documentation."
"I spent 15 minutes in the the tool and realized it would solve all of our problems"

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